Mortui Vivos Docent

The Redemption of Argent which a strange man with silver eyes embroils Commarque in an old feud

Returning home from the Tribunal, the party was surprised when a very injured man stumbled into their camp. Taking him back to the covenant, the magi turned him over to Sabine, who tried to nurse him back to health. When he finally regained consciousness, Sabine was shocked to see that the man’s eyes were silver! As the man seemed to have lost most of his memory, and could not remember his name, the covenfolk quickly dubbed him “Argent”. Argent remembered only that he wanted to get to Rome to ask for absolution from the Pope. Beyond his tattered garment, his only possession was a white feather. Investigating, the magi determined it contained Corpus vis. Argent also seemed to be able to converse with anyone in any language.

A knight, Sir Claude, arrived at the castle, and claimed he was seeking a man matching Argent’s description on behalf of his liege lord, Count Etienne Fournier of Turnhout, of the Duchy of Brabant in the Holy Roman Empire. He produced a writ stating that the man had escaped the Count’s gaol. Not greatly moved by the desires of some far-flung foreign lord, Sir William sent word to Sarlat Abbey and asked for guidance. Should the man be turned over to face justice for some ambiguous crime, or be sent on his way to complete his quest for pennance?

As the magi waited for an answer, a boy showed up at the castle and claimed to have a message he needed to deliver to Argent. Turned away the first time, David followed him back to where he had received his missive, where he found a giant of a man and his four companions. Watching them from a distance, David tried to tell the boy to return to Commarque and bring Fortis, but his lack of Occitan made this almost impossible. The boy finally returned, and delivered his original message: his eyes glazed over and he barked in a menacing voice, “I’m coming for you, brotherless one”. The boy seemed to not be aware of his first message, and tried to convey to Sabine what he took away from David’s command. Sabine told Argent what was said, and in the subsequent confusion, Argent quit Commarque. David’s message was finally deciphered, and a force was dispatched to relieve David and confront Gerbald, the Count’s gaoler.

Cast: David (Dwight), Gaston of Bjornaer (Guillaume), William of Jerbiton (Bob), Sabine and Melita of Bonisagus (Val).

Alpha Storyguide: Patrick.

Source Quality: 5, 1 Cnf (2 Cnf for Gaston)