Nobles of Commarque

These are the noble families that make up the castrum of Commarque:

Beynac Coat of Arms

The Beynac Family

Probably the nominal owners of the site, but unlikely to be in residence most of the time.
  • Maynard Beynac, who will come into possession of Commarque?
  • Gaillard Beynac (1238-1272)
  • Pons II de Beynac, future son and heir in 1255 to Gaillard? (1251-1300)

The de Commarque Family

de Commarque Coat of Arms

The des Escars Family

The de Gondris Family

The de Cendrieux Family

The La Chapelle Family

de Roche Coat of Arms

Other Noble Families Nearby

Other Noble Families


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