Mortui Vivos Docent

Return of the Native which Commarque's heir returns to the castrum

The spring of 1232 brought news of a feast: Sir Richard de Commarque had returned from his service to Hugh “le Brun” de Lusignan, and a celebration ensued. While segregated between the nobles and covenfolk, a festive night ensued. Sir Richard regaled his guests with stories from his time in the north, and delighted his mother with an exquisite gift befitting her devout nature: an opening Madonna triptych, which party-goers could not resist examining. One such admirer was the magus Aedifex of Merinita, who had attempted to be less conspicuous by disguising himself with magic. He was surprised (as were nearby observers) when he touched the open triptych, only to have his parma magica blown through and his spell dissipated, and later informed his sodales as to what had transpired.

During dinner, conversation turned to Sir Richard’s future plans, which seemed ill-defined. But when Sir Richard offhandedly mentioned a trip to visit a fellow knight to the south, Robert de Laugerie had one of his trademark premonitions and saw the young man hit twice – seemingly fatally – with arrows while riding slowly down a road. Confiding his vision with Fortis of Flambeau, it was decided the heir to Commarque would not take his upcoming journey alone.

Alpha Storyguide: Patrick
Cast: Aedifex and Sir Robert de Laugerie (Jeff), Nequam of Tremere (Paul), Johannes of Verditius (Rick).