Simon Scholar

A young man with a passion for the acquisition of knowledge and understanding.


A young man of 22 who almost inadvertently claims the possession of a Magister in Artes from Paris, as well as attendance at Oxford (and another slightly less reputable institution athwart the river Cam in the english fen country). He converses quite fluently in Latin and English, and passable French (mostly of the Anglo-Norman flavor spiced with some of the more coarser phrases in use in Paris). He also has a more simple command of cornish.

Short, slim, black hair and a pale milk white complexion. He is dressed in a simple black gown, with a too large black cloak and more than serviceable boots. A large floppy hat covers a somewhat ragged tonsure. He carries a double pack, the smaller half of which he tends to keep by himself at all times.

He is greatly excited about the new learning that is sweeping the world at this time, particularly from the ancient Greeks and Aristotle above all. He has been learning Greek and now has more than sufficient capabilities to read the old masters (and the gospels) in the original, though such items are very rare. He is familiar with the works of Robert Grosseteste (Bob Bighead) who he claims as a teacher and colleague.

He has left Paris because he is tired of recent fruitless disputation with a growing body of anti-Aristotelian clerics there. He vaguely talks about traveling south to Venice, perhaps on to Constantinople or even Alexandria. Hearing of the existence of a group of scholars situated in a more obscure portion of France, he has tagged along in hopes with a few days of pleasant converse. However the contents of the Covenant’s (mundane) library have exerted a strong pull on him to stay so long as their hospitality permits.

Simon Scholar

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