Mortui Vivos Docent

The Tribunal of 1221 which Crypta Venatus formally joins the Normandy Tribunal after an attempt on their lives

With the approach of the Normandy Tribunal meeting of 1221, the magi of Crypta Venatus set forth for the host covenant of Oleron, a week’s journey east on the island of the same name. After journeying to the coastal village of Le Chapus, they were met by a very tall and thin knight from Oleron who introduced himself as “Sir Guy”. The knight was to guide them to the island regio in which Oleron lay.

The next morning, the group boarded a large boat chartered by Sir Guy, and below decks, the magi discussed their plans when a cry went up on deck that the boat was taking on water. Discovering to their horror that the hatch leading to the open air was held fast magically, Fortis carved his own hole in the deck with Perdo Herbam magics. The magi then magically repaired the damage below the waterline and the vessel limped towards Oleron.

Sir Guy had the vessel circle a small island counterclockwise three times, and after the third pass, the ship docked at Oleron. Sir Guy led them to the Apple Mile, where a small town bounded by apple orchards hosted the covenfolk, the might castle overlooking it home to the Oleron magi.

With the Tribunal under way, a vote was taken and both Crypta Venatus and the new covenant of Promitto were admitted to the Tribunal’s ranks. As preparation for the tournament began, the magi were approached time and again by advocates of various political factions within the Tribunal, seeking to gain their service and support. In turn, the magi of Crypta Venatus were approached by:

  • Vacva filia Kybella of House Tytalus (Fudarus faction)
  • Proctor of Guernicus (Confluensis faction)
  • Caprican of Merinita (Oleron faction)
  • Calvinus of Jerbiton (Florum faction)
  • Runild of Tremere (Montverte faction)
  • Mnemon of Tytalus (Sinapis faction)

While some advances were immediately rejected (not openly, but in private), the magi were more inclined to join a faction like Confluensis, considering it to be a more “noble” and “trustworthy” one, or the Sinapis faction, which housed Lapis Crudis, with whom they had dealt before. Still, the magi were loath to commit to any relationship which placed them in a subservient role, even in a faction like Sinapis, where they might enjoy more influence than most.

Melita was accosted by Iacula of Bonisagus, who tried to inspire jealousy as she recounted her achievements. Apollyon of Tremere approached the magi about participating in an expedition to investigate what became of the Díedne. Gaston lost to him in Certamen but impressed the much older magus with his fortitude.

Despite their youth, the magi acquitted themselves reasonably well in the competition. For their efforts, they were awarded 5 pawns and 12 build points worth of texts. They returned home pleased with their winnings, yet uncommitted to a political future.

Cast: Melita of Bonisagus (Val); William of Jerbiton (Bob); Gaston of Bjornaer (Guillaume); David and Apollyon (Dwight).

Alpha Storyguide: Patrick

Source Quality: 6, and award of 1 Confidence point to Gaston