Mortui Vivos Docent

Lascaux, Part I which an enigmatic horse of Lascaux penetrates the covenant's defenses

With the approach of Imbolc in 1219, Melita of Bonisagus prepared to journey to the caves of Lascaux in order to collect its Animal vis, and once again study the cave paintings that she was sure would lead her to insight into Fertility Magic. Fortis of Flambeau agreed to accompany her, as he had never seen the caves, as did Brandon Macheth and Gaidon d’Aubec (in case of brigandage, but in an attempt to keep the party small).

Upon their arrival, Fortis discovered one of the mysterious stone “Venuses” prevalent throughout the caves, but Melita was shocked to see that the cave paintings seemed less lustrous than in the past. Looking throughout the caves to see the extent of the damage, Melita used her magics to detect a powerful Magic regio, and began leading the group into it. A botch brought her alone into a strange vista, blanketed by snow and unfamiliar landforms. Melita feared she might have entered the realm of the mysterious magic pines (see the story Amid the Veil of Pines). Fortis managed to lead the rest of the group to her shortly thereafter, and they spent a short time exploring their immediate surroundings. Brandon tried his luck at shooting an enormous elk that happened nearby, but his arrow barely stuck in the thing’s thick hide before it trotted off.

Returning to the mundane world, Melita collected the vis as usual the next morning, but was dismayed to find that the amount of vis collected was less than it had been in previous years. Although Fortis wanted to return to the regio and explore it further, no one else shared his enthusiasm, and Melita was primarily interested in reporting the distressing news to the other magi.

A council meeting was called, and the ramifications of their discoveries debated. The specter of Temeritus was – as always – raised, especially since he was the original discoverer of the caves. Concern was voiced for the many other caves in the area featuring the mysterious art, as well. It was decided that at the very least, the cave at Lascaux should be sealed magically, so as to hopefully prevent any easy intrusion into one of the covenant’s vis sources, and Melita recruited her sodales Aureus of Ex Miscellanea for this purpose.

During this council meeting, however, the grogs standing watch stood stunned as an odd-looking horse came right up to the walls, sniffed a bit, and then jumped through the walls and into the courtyard. Despite chasing it, and summoning the magi to attend to the matter, the horse quickly disappeared as it entered the casse bour. Afterward, it was discovered that the Venus Fortis had found had disappeared. More worrisome than the apparent theft of the Venus was the knowledge that this creature had somehow walked unhindered through the covenant’s Aegis of the Hearth! An expedition back to Lascaux was hastily mounted.

Cast: Aureus Ex Miscellanea, Balthasar and Brandon (Nick), Fortis of Flambeau (Guillaume), Gaidon d’Aubec and William of Jerbiton (Rob), Melita of Bonisagus (Val).

Alpha Stroyguide: Patrick.